Electrolysis is the removal of unwanted hair by using state-of the-art technology where a machine uses different modalities with a fine sterile, disposable needle. The needle is inserted into the hair follicle and electric current kills the hair root and therefore preventing the hair from ever growing again.

A persons hair is usually in one of the three phases of the hair growth cycle. The hair growing stage is known as the Anagen stage; the second stage which is the transitional stage is known as the Catagen stage; and final stage which is the hair resting stage is known as the Telogen stage. Electrolysis is most effective and best during the anagen stage of the hair growth cycle since hairs are growing at this stage. Therefore, since the hair cycle has three stages of growth, more than one (1) treatment of electrolysis will be needed to remove and kill the hair root permanently in order for one to be hair free in that particular area.

For an individual to be hair free and since each hair follicle is treated individually; electrolysis treatment will require more than one treatment. There are several factors and conditions which determine how many treatments are needed: For example, the size of the area that is needed to be treated, if the client has hirsutism or excessive amount hair due to hormones, PCOS, or some other condition? What short term methods has the client been using before the electrolysis treatment, the client ability to tolerate a little pain, and how the client has been taking care of his or her skin before or after the treatments. Most areas of the body can be completed in a year. It all depends on the cycle of the client’s hair since it may take some time for all the hairs to be in the anagen stage for them to be destroyed and not capable returning again.

The expectation after the treatment is that the client’s skin will be red and a little swollen. It will remain swollen for a couple hours. All clients are advised not to touch the area and avoid using moisturizers, makeup, ice, or sunbath for 3 days after the treatment. Also, all clients are strongly advised to not rub, or scratch the area. Since alcohol is harsh for the skin, all clients are advised to avoid using alcohol after each treatment. To help with irritation and other problems, clients can use aloe Vera gel or ask your Electrologist about other care to address irritations.

Areas of Treatment 

To minimize pain during electrolysis, many clients find that taking their favorite pain reliever 45 minutes prior to their appointment makes their treatment more comfortable. Taking a pain reliever and drinking lots of water are advised before coming for your electrolysis treatment.

Pertaining to the areas needed to be treated; just about any area of the body can be treated with an Electrolysis treatment. Since there is always an exception to the rule, a couple of exceptions are inside of the nose, inside of the labia, and too close to the eyes.

The Price list is as follows:

30 minutes of Treatment:……………………$85.00
45 minutes of Treatment:…………………. $100.00
1 hour of Treatment:………………………..$120.00

Be advised that all services are stopped 10 minutes early for cleaning and to give recommendations and advice for home care and regiments.

All prices are subject to change without notice.