As a longtime client of Dr. Jacques Charles Aesthetics, Health & Wellness Institute, I want to share my “very satisfied client” review and recommend his line of Aesthetician services.

I first met Dr. Charles socially here in Santa Barbara. When I found out that he was an Aesthetician and a Chiropractor, I decided to find out more. As we chatted, I discovered his impressive background; he has worked at some of the most prestigious spas in Beverly Hills and Santa Barbara. My first session with Dr. Charles was extremely thorough; he carefully evaluated my skin and asked me relevant questions about my skin and the products I used. He then explained his methods and gave me a deeper understanding about products the he uses and why, and which skincare products would be best suited for my specific skin type and needs.

Because my skin is somewhat fair and on the sensitive side of the scale, not to mention that I am now over fifty, I have always been selective about spa treatments but as I get older I am ever more careful with skincare and products since in the past they could irritate or were too aggressive for me. Now I am a happy client who is getting amazing results, as my skin continues to thrive and improve in appearance under Dr. Charles careful treatments.

I get many unsolicited compliments about my youthful looking skin, but know that the compliments belong to him. Thank you, Dr. Charles, for luminous skin that is happy, healthy and younger looking with every session.

~ Sascha Anya
Santa Barbara, California